valid from 01.02.2017 until recall.


one ride ticket in advance (not valid on nightlines)300 HUF
onboard ticket (at driver)400 HUF
block of 10 tickets (not valid on nightlines)2 800 HUF
24-hours ticket1 050 HUF
24-hours ticket with HungaryCard discount0 HUF
72-hours ticket2 700 HUF
72-hours ticket with HungaryCard discount1 350 HUF
7-days ticket3 170 HUF
7-days ticket with HungaryCard discount1 585 HUF


Adult passes
monthly pass7 055 HUF
30-days pass7 055 HUF
half-month-pass4 735 HUF
quarterly pass20 180 HUF
monthly pass for parents with small children3 300 HUF
For students and pensioners
monthly pass3 475 HUF
quarterly pass10 000 HUF

Other prices

general pass ID250 HUF
handling fee by replacing a damaged 24-hours, 72-hours, 7‑days ticket or any pass250 HUF
traveling with dog1 ticket

Penalty fares

10 000 HUF fine is payable:
  • if carrying an object other than a luggage*,
  • if making vehicle dirty or damaged (price for cleaning and disinfecting appears in addition),
  • if emergency alarm or emergency door-opener is misused,
  • if traveling without a valid ticket, pass or document,
  • if traveling with animal without a valid ticket (outside a closed carrier),
  • if using a faked ticket, pass, traveling document or if using an incorrect discount.
  • After 15 calendar days the fine increases to 20 000 HUF.
    * luggage: max. 2 pcs per person: max. 40×50×50 cm or 20×20×200 cm object
    1 000 HUF fine is payable:
  • if on the vehicle no valid pass showed, but already been bought before inspection. In 7 calendar days it must be shown in our customer service office,
  • if showing a pass on the bus to the controller and personal ID number is missing or is unreadable or is edited.
  • This fine is payable in cash only in our customer service. After 7 days original penalty fines apply!

    Sales points

    Sales points


    Prices are in Hungarian Forints and include 21,26% VAT.

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